Release 0.3 - Work that's done

In the previous blog I was describing issues that I was planning to work on this week. Indeed I saw many different issues that I would like to contribute on. In the internal project Telescope I was working on Issue that suppose to update Stylelint in order to check only .css files.

After few hours of reading through and working on this issue I send my PR. I was also able to create a new issue so I can keep working on this project and contributing to it. As I said before, to work on the Telescope is new experience for me and I hope with professors supervising me and my classmates will be able to create a nice project.

For my external issue I was thinking to work on Wordpress/Gutenberg  project but in the end I change my mind and decide contribute to Microsoft/STL. There are many issues that has to be fixed on this project and looks like not too many people have time to help this project solve issue. This week I picked this issue. I'm very glad that I was able to work on it because issue has been created by member of this project but when I submit my PR some other members did not consider that should be an issue at all because resolving issue that I work on will break the complication of the code. Finally members of the project run the test and decide that changes will simplify the code without confusing users of the code.


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