Seneca Digital Health Hackathon

Seneca Digital Health Hackathon When I was preparing for the interviews I read many articles on how to answer one or another question. Of course, most of the answers have to be tailored to a specific job posting. One question that I was asked during one of my interviews was to tell about my hobbies. I never came across this question neither I thought this question was something that I could be asked. After my interview, I have looked into the potential answers for the software developer position. To my greatest surprise, I find very interesting hobbies such as teach coding classes, contribute to the Open Source community, and of course Hackathon. The last one was the most interesting to me. I decided that why can't Hacathon be my hobby either. A few weeks later my school friend mentions that there will be Seneca Digital Health Hackathon. That was an opportunity to try out my new hobby.  Days before Hackathon. I and my groupmates had to pick a challenge set that we will work on. Our

Java Servlets and CORS

Last few weeks, I was working on a project that required me to use Java Servlets. Servlet is a class that manages HTTP requests and responses. I ran into CORS  (Cross Origin Resourse Sharing) problem when I was working on the project. CORS allowed JavaScript applications to make AJAX requests to another domain when these domains are different. My backend where I use Java Servlets was working because I checked multiple times in the Postmaster. In the frontend, when I used fetch function I was not getting any data. Developer tools pointing to the CORS and Access Control Request Methods. Java Servlets are relatively new to me, and I need to research to make my application working. Here are the solutions that I found: 1. Implement Filter by creating a concrete class. Filter is invoked at the preprocessing and postprocessing of a request.  2. Add filter into web.xml file 3. Install the extension to the browser where we can add whitelisted websites in order to skip the CORS. The first and se

Java Console App with AWS and JDBC as a database connector

Last week was very intense and full of new learnings. I had created a simple console bank application using Java. All my data stored in the cloud, and I used AWS. AWS database connected to Java through JDBC. It is the first time I use a cloud database in my Java application. It means that not all things run smoothly at first. In this post, I will discuss the problems I run into and their possible solutions. Problem 1.  Did you know that to run any app that has a connection to the database needs an environmental variable set up? And this has to be done for every class that has a main method.  Users can put this variable in the ConnectionFactory file and do not worry about the setting environmental variable, but one can ask how safe it is. This move is not safe if we need to store this program on Github. When I set up the remote database, I have to indicate URL, USER, and PASSWORD in the connection factory. Once the file is pushed to GitHub there is a sensitive information leak. It means

Back on Track or working on the Table Reservation Application

Table Reservation Application is an application with many features. One of the most important features is to reserve a table online and send the form to the restaurant. All summer me and my other two teammates try to accomplish many milestones of this project but due to heavy loads from other subject not everything was implemented. Two months I could not sleep without writing lines of code in order to complete this project. In the end this is how many lines of code I wrote and delete.  Even it is looks like a lot of line of code in the end of the day many features were left out. It hurts me to see that such a beautiful idea was not implemented till the end. Beside that, contributing to the project help me to learn many new things and be on top of the technologies. For example I was able to learn angular material UI. This application was desighn for PRJ666 course in order to graduate from Seneca college with Computer Programming and Analysis diploma. This mean that if I decide to have d

Final release - 1.0

It has been few days since I planned to write this post. It is very difficult to put all thoughts together. This is a final blog post for OSD700 and I wanted to make different than others. I have rewrite this post already for the third time and seriously I am just giving up. I read through others post to find some ideas and inspiration. How did I get to OSD600. My friend told me that this is a "nice to have" course. Why did she say that I don't know she never take this course herself. When I saw that requirements for this  is WEB422 and JAC444 I decide to give it a chance. Indeed that was only course that I was looking forward. Why? Well unfortunately I was not lucky enough to have good experience with web development. Since WEB222 I realize how much I don't like web development. I think it's related to the professor that teach me this course or may be I just was the one who prefer C/C++ (I know its sounds weird, but I always enjoy this weird old language). Ano

Release 1.0 - Lazy Loading

In this release I have covered one issue that add feature of Lazy Loading images of the blog post. It took me a little bit of time to add this feature and some help from my professor. What is lazy loading? When user open a website that consist of many big images and videos it will take some time to load all of them. This could be an issue because some users does not have time to wait until all media will be loaded and simply will just close the application. Luckily there is feature that allowed to load images while user scrolling through the web page. How do I know if my application uses lazy loading feature? That is not to hard to check. Here are steps: - Load web page - Open developer tools - Select network - Navigate to IMG Under the list of already load pictures (if any or all) there will be usages showing how much resources were used. If during scrolling the page the lower number of used resources is increasing once the image appear in the view its mean applica

Release 0.9

Last few weeks were pretty busy with studies. All school has moved online and students and professors had to adjust to a new way of study-teach workflow. For this release I was working on few front-end issues and I would like to share what experience did I gain while I was solving problems. My First Issue  was about making word Telescope in the top-left to go to home page.   At first when I look in this issue I did not know in what kind of problems I can run into. Seems it's only add link to the title  This is the only line of code I have to do for this issue. By doing this I have learn something new.  If I add <Link to='/'>{title} I assumed that {title} should still keep the style that was assign in the <Typography>  because I haven't specify any new className in the <Link> but the outcome was different than I expected From:   To: Uhhh...this is not look right due to our website design. So basically was giving "Telesc