Release 0.6

Going back to Telescope.
Between release 0.5 and 0.6 I was working on the Telescope project. I was assign to few issues during the 2 weeks period. 
My first issue was to add test to make sure our application starts. This issue reference to the page where possibly I can look for solution. Ideally issue-363 should solve: a) make sure that our app is working b) allowed to hit correct root.

After reading examples and documentation I have learned that there is 'start-serve-and-test' npm package that starts server, waits for URL, then runs test command; when tests end, shuts down server. 

How to use this package:
Install this package npm i start-server-and-test
Add command to the script. In my case Telescope already has command to start server and command for the tests.
This way I just had to combine both commands into one that I named "CI" and add localhost. 
Indeed this package did not solve the intention of the issue I was working on. This package run tests on the background 
when the server is started. Even I did not solve this issue as author idea was but I have learned something new.

My other issue that I worked for Release 0.6 was cleaning up package.json on the frontend and gatsby-config.js. 

Mainly this issue include removing boiler plate from the existing files.

I also was assign to another 2 issues. One of them is to create React component that would count the number of words in a blog post and other is to investigate on the Mercury parser. React component is ready and soon I will create a blog post once I'm done with test for that and Mercury parser deserved separate blog post because there are many interesting things that I would like to talk about.  


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